1. This is how the Software Update wizard is supposed to work. But you are having System Update Troubles. Try These Solution. may be your problem solved.
    Download the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and run it.
    Right-click the MMC icon located in the tray and select «Run as administrator».
    If the «Y» to restart message appears, click «Yes». Otherwise, click «Cancel».
    Follow the prompts to run.
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  2. License

    This software is released under the GPL v2.0.
    You can read the GPLv2 Software License Agreement here.
    This file describes different licensing options you can buy.

    Note that depending on the current option for the software, you will be able to access any file right after download.
    But you can only install the software after payment. You can only reach the license screen when you open your downloaded installer.

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  3. It is not intended to replace popular WMA to MP3 convertors, but it allows users to choose their settings according to their needs.

    Boxoft WMA to MP3 Converter can be of benefit to the small segment of users who manage to fill free space on the thumb drive or hard drive with audio files. This is considered a losing battle nowadays, and we respect that!

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  4.  Most codecs were installed separately, but you can exclude them from the package in case you need to save resources for the final file. FFCoder works great and gets your job done very fast!

    Key features
    Uses a Media Foundation-based library
    Supports a variety of audio and video formats
    Supports current standards for ISo and MP3
    Supports multiple audio and video encoders
    Supports multiple video formats
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  5. ●Dual boot system by BootKey.

    ●Easy-to-use and quick.

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    ●Convenient option backup and restore functions.

    ●One-click OS switching and hotkey functions.

    ●Support quick turning on and off Windows.

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  6. It offers simple operations, so it will work only when it is connected to the internet, and the print option is restricted to options – the print sheet can’t be saved on the computer for later editing.
    You can download PiggyBob Basic for free via Google play, MS store, or IOS store.Q:

    Responsive and clean from tech, are there any other options?

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  7. 1.0 out of 5

    «Not for mission critical use»


    Reviewer is Research Director of a company that works in the fields of risk management, corporate governance and capital market.

    Fairly good, but I think it should be more appealing and with more filters. It would be nice to have a button to kill the CPU intensive and Android system processes every time I log into Windows

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